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Factory have completed the verification on Jan.31,2018

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360° shooting,unique inspection in 2018 (Figure)!

On January 31, 2018, our factory have been certificated with deepness which is a regular checking in every year by Alibaba, the difference in this year, the scene was filmed in 3D360 visual, the client just need to scan the QR code and then they can see the panorama, so that it can help many clients which is far from our company, and knowing we are the one of the professional manufacturer.

报告.jpg 2.jpg

There are 6,500 square meters in Guangzhou Baiyun district, the ability which can produce 5 million bags each month, and with independent import and export rights, 17% value-added tax votes can be opened. In more than 10 years of market experience, It was developing rapidly, during the 2012,our company also have set up a branch in Hunan province, the scale of production come up to 10,000 Multi-square meters, in addition, the produced facilities has more than 800pcs, it means that the factory can accommodate around 1,000 staff positions. Also can finish the orders flexibly which was expected by customers, such as oversized order, competitive products or small order.



          Cleanly, neat and tidy workshop, all kinds of the advanced producing facilities has improved the quality and output quantity, the product would be checked one by one, and well packing, under the rule of 7S management, we operated with the clients more closely.



The professional marketing team, efficient operation, excellent management, vibrant young workers, and quickly quoting, we use our strength for indicating. To our customer satisfactions, is our company’s responsibility.



 Thousands of sample bag in the room, giving our customer more choice.As long as you send your thought to us, we can do it, you will find your bag at here !





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