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15 years back I used to bring home fifteen or twenty pieces of plastic bag with my groceries in a week. But I knew it’s not good for our environment though I used them because it was a past habit like other people. I have been conscious about the environment and nature from my childhood and thought I had to do something to reduce the usage of plastic bags to protect our environment, otherwise within few years our beautiful world will brought to the brink of destruction. I had no idea how I could do this because I am not a scientist or a noble man. One day I had an idea and decided to make a business with eco friendly products with a mission to spread Jute products which are both strong and biodegradable through the all corners of the world up to the last breath of my life. I thought that was the best way to go through a good mission with a business.I am now finding satisfaction from the fact that day by day people are accepting more cotton,canvas,jute,non-woven products for its Eco-friendly nature.
We are proud to be working with environmentally friendly products that are reusable and are natural substitutes we can bring into our everyday lives with a vision and a drive to make canvas /cotton be an integral everyday material.
With a mission of always serving our clients with optimum quality & latest designed Cotton, Canvas,Jute, non-woven bags. We maintain a constant appraisal process on the changing market trends and accordingly update our designers with the same. Our mission is to serve you the best quality products at a reasonable price within a time bound programme so that we can rapidly spread our eco-friendly bags to the every corners of the world. Our aim is to grow while ensuring the welfare of our craftsman, workers as well as clients.
We are envisioned to become the leader in packaging Industry and take our company to the acme. Our vision is to protect our world from plastic and spread the "fragrances of Eco-friendliness".

High quality and efficiency.  
We have advanced equipment and skilled handicraft workers. Our streamline producing process makes it efficient for us to deal with your order.



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