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We're here to help you with your custom printing process.

We have over 15 year’s experience in printing fabric bags and textiles for business and promotional use. Our production base covers 6500 square meters. This means that we have more equipped and workers than any other small or trading company to make your order to your exact specifications and delivery on time. We specialise in both premium printing, fabrication and production. We can make and print any style of bag made to your specifications by a our factory in complete control of every last detail.

Print your design
Our print effects are a fantastic way to communicate your particular campaign. We can print your design in a range of options including screen print, transfer and more. Our print techniques allow us to print a range of colours (Pantone, CMYK) and effects (half tones, full bleed, photographic and more!).

Specialist finishes:
Half tones: depicts any shading or not full spot colour in the design, by way of dots or shading.

Full bleed: with edge-to-edge printing you are able to show the best of your design! We can print full bleed on a wide range of sizes and offer high coverage full-bleed printing.

Transfer Print: With this printing method incredibly detailed images can be printed precisely onto your bags; even photographs can be transferred whole through this great printing method.

Plastisol Print: This type of print provides great opaque colours and clear graphic detail, giving your printed tote bags a more plastic texture just as the name suggests.

Foil Print: With this option, you can add a layer of metallic foil to your printed tote bags, usually gold or silver but with many other options to explore; including bronze, pink, blue foil, purple and rainbow.

Metallic Print: This printing method uses ink with miniscule particles of glitter suspended within. Any colour is available to give your bags a truly beautiful finish.

Puffy 3D Print: This print offers a unique texture for your bags. The ink is raised to the touch, making any bags printed with it stand out from the crowd.

Embroidery: As with all our printing options, any design you can think of can be embroidered onto your bags to give a really special touch.

We are the most experienced manufacturer and supplier of bespoke bags. We have been making printed tote bags for more than 15 years, and are trusted by many famouse brands and over 5,000 other clients. Find out more about our incredible record here.
What format should I use to submit my artwork?
 - High resolution, camera-ready artwork. (300 dpi or better)
- All fonts must be included with your art file and/or imprint instructions.
- Software Application Files saved in any of the following applications are acceptable
PC compatible format:
-Photoshop File .PSD
-Illustrator File .AI
-Vector Art File .EPS
Submit design draft
Digital Art:
-For best results, we prefer VECTOR ART created in Adobe Illustrator. Vector images are created in a drawing program and consist of shapes based on mathematics. These graphics contain clear, smooth lines that retain their sharpness and proportions when edited. When submitting your vector art, we accept the following:
-Zip disks or CD. Email: .Please forward your art files to mailto:

Important Note: A scanned image (e.g. .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .psd, .pdf) or art created in a photo/paint program is not vector art. In addition, placing, linking, embedding, or copying these images into a drawing program does not convert them into vector art and will not meet our art requirements.



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