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You are here: Home » BLOG » Meeting about the New year 2018

Meeting about the New year 2018

Views:7     Author:By Xingrui     Publish Time: 2018-01-20      Origin:Site


It is exceptionally beautiful day on Jan 9th at Xingrui company.There is full of the atmosphere 

of the New Year,and with a new decoration,The office resounded with the laughter of colleagues,

the happiness expression in their face,everywhere has a happy, peaceful and warm feeling.

Guangzhou Xingrui Packing Products Co., Ltd.’s annual meeting held on this day.All of the staffs 

gathered to start the annual summary.


General Manager Mr. Li Gewen addressed the speech. Mr. Li reviewed Xingrui's mentality 

of 2017 and affirmed the brilliant achievements made in 2017.Xing Rui step by step, and with 

a new height every year.


Key Account Manager Ms Zhang said, the development of Xingrui,inseparable from

 the staffs who is always hard working; for now,there can’t do without the joint efforts 

of staff, a pay, there must be a return.



In addition, the development of Xingrui is inseparable from the efficient management 

of all department heads. As the middle-level backbone of the company, they lead the 

co-workers and keep up with the pace of development,as an excellent example and doing 

better, so that the company will be bigger and stronger.



The dinner banquet for all staffs to celebrate the new year, and hope Xingrui will be better in the future.


Finally, the entire annual meeting successfully concluded in the harmonious, warm, 

passionate, happy atmosphere, showing their vitality, positive, united and enterprising spirit. 

Looking back on 2017, we make concerted efforts to work hard to achieve a common goal. 

Looking forward to 2018, we’re going to see the same direction, come on together !


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